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Lisa is the WolfPAC Implementation Manager for WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management®, and oversees all WolfPAC module implementations and assists with client support.

Lisa is a seasoned project manager having led projects in the Information Technology field for healthcare, manufacturing and financial services organizations. She has also been a Product Manager and Engineering Leader specializing in software development.

Having been in the IT field for over twenty-five years, Lisa has a wide range of experience in project management, customer support, software development, and in implementing large projects in several industries. Her experience in these areas has helped her understand client needs from the end-user perspective up to senior leadership. Her most recent role prior to joining Wolf was managing large, multi-year implementation projects at state governments across the country. Lisa also has a deep understanding and appreciation for software development and user experience, and she has been successful in taking customers’ ideas and needs and creating viable solutions.

Lisa resides in Marshfield, MA with her husband Paul, two cats and a dog. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, beekeeping and sunny afternoons at the beach.