Why Wolf

Our Culture & Values

Strong community. Collaborative atmosphere. Healthy work-life balance. Diverse and inspired people. At Wolf, our values of respect, inclusion, and empowerment create a transparent and welcoming culture for both our employees and clients.

Why Join the Wolf Team

We’re always striving to do better and be better. That’s why we’ve built clear career paths, provide ongoing training and professional development, created essential inclusion and diversity initiatives, and support rewarding social events and philanthropic opportunities. Our entrepreneurial spirit welcomes you to blaze your own trail—and supports you every step of the way.

Our VIRTUE Philosophy

Providing unparalleled guidance to our clients—and to our employees—is what sets Wolf apart. During all of our interactions, we follow our six VIRTUE principles:

Vision: Through knowledge, imagination, and leadership, we exhibit the foresight to identify and embrace change

Integrity: We adhere to ethical standards of behavior based on honesty, truthfulness, and candor

Respect: We endeavor to treat others with special regard, respecting each other, our community and the values of our Profession.

Trust: Our reputation is built on honest, ethical behavior that earns confidence in our independence and creativity

Understanding: By careful listening and assessment, we understand the needs of our clients and people—a comprehension that leads to insightful advice and direction

Excellence: As lifelong learners, we strive to attain excellence by committing to the development of our skills and the delivery of outstanding client service