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Sending Information to Your Wolf Team


For those clients that still need to send us information for their 2019 taxes, we respectfully ask that you send this information to us electronically. We have a few secure options to choose from to help you complete this action. We discourage emailing anything with potentially sensitive information directly to us.

If you do not already have a secure means to send us sensitive tax information, please reach out to a member of your engagement team. The following options are available: 

Secure Link

We can send you a link to upload information electronically. Recommended for when you are providing a few final pieces of information. 

Secure Portal

You will get an email inviting you to your own secure portal. Recommended for when you would prefer to provide all future information this way. The portal will stay in place for future years.

Tax Caddy

TaxCaddy is a software that assists in gathering your tax return information and sending it to us. Recommended for when you have not already provided any information for your 2019 tax return. This tool can be used on annually going forward, as well.

With TaxCaddy, you can:

  1. Review and fill out your tax return questionnaire 
  2. Upload your tax documents directly to us by using your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  3. Provide direct links to your financial institutions for direct 1099 delivery to us

If you would like to use Tax Caddy, please email from your preferred email address to receive an invitation to create your account. Once you receive the invitation, there are three easy steps to get started.

Please reach out to a member of the tax team with any other questions. Thank you!