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Great New England Credit Union Show

May 8, 2018 @ 8:00am

Location: The DCU Center, Worcester, MA

Ronald J. Tache will be speaking on the topic of How Credit Unions are Utilizing Enterprise Risk Management at 1:30 PM.

As the value of enhanced risk management programs becomes clearer and adoption by credit unions of all sizes occurs, best practices for building your ERM program are emerging for credit unions of all sizes.  In this presentation we’ll provide three case studies of credit union executives highlighting the ways they leveraged their ERM programs, specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Using ERM to drive time and money out of baseline operational risk management activities
  • Identify a comprehensive threat inventory to the Credit Union and how they were able to map key threats based on the products and services offered
  • Determine how the overall risk profile of the Institution is linked to the Credit Union’s net worth

Join us as we discuss the results these efforts are having on their organizations.

Wolf & Company is a proud sponsor of this event!

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