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NH & VT Bankers Fall Compliance Conference

November 29, 2017 @ 8:00am

Location: Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH

Brian M. Shea, CRCM, CAMS will be speaking on the topic of Bank Secrecy Act Hot Topics at 11:05 AM - 11:05 AM. 

Hot Topics presentations are designed to help you prepare for what is coming up as well as highlight some areas where we are seeing increased focus by the regulators. With the new BSA Beneficial Ownership rule compliance date coming in May 2018 we will spend some time guiding you through what you should be doing now to prepare for the change. We’ll also be spending some significant time sharing insight as to what the examiners are focusing on. Currently, these areas include:

  • Usage and methodologies over BSA automated software
  • Due diligence related to third-party payment processors and marijuana-related business
  • High risk customer reviews
  • OFAC verification thresholds
  • Human trafficking red flags

The penalties that could be handed down can do damage both financially and to your institution’s reputation. Make sure you join us to stay on top of these trending concerns.

Wolf & Company is a proud sponsor of this event! 

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