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SCALE: Bookkeeper, Controller or CFO?

December 1, 2016 @ 6:00pm

Location: WeWork South Station, 745 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 

Do you know how to do bookkeeping or who to hire if you won’t be doing it yourself? What makes a good bookkeeper and do you need an accountant, senior accountant, controller, CFO or a combination of the prior to manage your bookkeeping? As a business owner, these are questions you should be asking yourself because maintaining good accounting and bookkeeping systems is important to making decisions necessary to grow your business. Cecilia Frerotte, CPA, Senior Audit Manager at Wolf & Company, will be providing answers and guiding you through the hiring process. She will also be covering the different nuances associated with - part-time contractors vs. part-time or full-time employees.

botkeeper's Louie Balasny will also be there to entertain and discuss how important maintaining a good accounting and bookkeeping system is. Alongside him will be Mitch Zucker from ConnectPay, who will be discussing best practices and technology for managing payroll in Massachusetts, including:

  • Payroll frequency

  • Going “green”

  • Pay period/pay date tactics

  • Paid time off rules

  • New DOL exempt rules

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