Remote Penetration Testing


With more organizations searching for remote solutions to protect against prevalent cybersecurity threats, Wolf & Company’s IT Assurance Group offers unparalleled remote penetration testing services. By recreating the steps and attack path a bad actor might take, we test your systems’ defenses and your incident response capabilities.

Wolf uses several devices that allow us to perform internal network penetration tests without the need for an on-site presence. With our air-tight security precautions (such as individualized device programming, encrypted communication channels, and key-based authentication), you’ll know your data is secure during the process. By configuring a computer with custom scripts to establish an SSH connection to Wolf’s dedicated bastion hosts, our penetration testers conduct testing as if they were physically at your location. Data is pulled from the remote machine during testing, allowing Wolf to take advantage of our powerful computing resources.


  • Advanced password cracking
  • Industry-leading vulnerability detection and exploitation tools
  • Integrated social engineering tactics
  • Internal network traffic and credential interception
  • Simulates physical presence on any network segment or perspective
  • Supports all penetration testing methods, including passive reconnaissance and active exploitation

Allow specific ports/services to our cloud server and whitelist the device through your Network Access Control (NAC), if you have one.


Connect a network cable to the Wolf device, then connect the power cable.


Maintain appopriate physical security controls of the device for the duration of testing.

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