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Public companies face complex accounting and reporting requirements — leading most to seek a reliable CPA firm that can bring the expertise needed to navigate challenges experienced by SEC registrants.

At Wolf & Company, our team of specialists aggregate expertise across many industries and services, meaning all of your questions can be answered in one place.

Take a look at how Wolf was able to keep a client’s agreement on track under a big time-crunch by providing responsive and efficient assurance services.


A new pharmaceutical company operating in the US and EU entered into a conversation with a major investor in Asia, discussing a potential collaboration agreement that included significant funds inflow and distribution rights to the Chinese market.


These funds were needed by the business to expand its sales, distribution channels, and overall distribution globally. The initial discussion started in December, and by January, the parties involved decided to move forward with a closing date of early April. This meant that the company had to compile all the information needed, including the audit findings of the fiscal year that had just ended, by the end of February instead of by the end of June, when the information would normally be required.


Wolf worked diligently to assist the company in this major transaction. We managed our schedule to ensure prompt responses to the client’s needs, set up an accelerated timeline, and successfully delivered the audit and facilitated the due diligence process within the time allotted. At first, preparation for the due diligence in such a short period of time was thought to be an impossible task. But thanks in part to Wolf’s readiness strategies, Wolf’s client completed the due diligence, signed the collaboration agreement, and received the funds.


Thanks to Wolf’s consistent focus on the client’s need to stay ahead of the rapidly changing environment, the client is now focusing on building a successful, global pharmaceutical enterprise.