Wolf’s vCISO Services Assist Stagedge in Building an Effective Information Security Program

Stagedge is one of the nation’s leading production companies based in Massachusetts that produces live, virtual, and hybrid events globally. After their large multi-national and Fortune 500 clients requested information about Stagedge’s cybersecurity and information security program(s), it was time for Stagedge to implement an information security plan and stronger IT security controls.


An increasing number of Stagedge’s enterprise clients were requiring in-depth responses to their security questionnaires as part of their Master Service Agreement Process. This became more prevalent during the pandemic as “virtual” events became the norm and clients were focused on data protection while streaming. Due to the demand and the in-depth nature of the questions, Stagedge needed the expertise of a vCISO that they did not have internally. While most companies have a third-party provider (MSP) for IT support services, they often don’t have a security officer as part of their full-time IT team. That’s where Wolf stepped in to help Stagedge:

  • Answer security questionnaires of clients, detailing Stagedge’s security posture.
  • Create an information security program (ISP).
  • Implement policies and procedures related to the ISP.
  • Meet the client’s security requirements


Stagedge and Wolf met regularly to gain an understanding of Stagedge’s business requirements to ensure that we addressed any gaps or shortcomings in their information security program. Wolf & Company’s vCISO service was particularly crucial in this scenario, as their oversight and expertise played a vital role in overcoming this challenge and safeguarding Stagedge’s environment. The process began with a thorough analysis of the existing environment’s status to implement a more mature information security
program. We worked with the client’s managed service provider, enhancing all personal security training and awareness initiatives to mitigate future risks. By integrating a tested business continuity plan and third-party vendor management review, Wolf was able to enhance Stagedge’s overall security posture.

The services of a vCISO from Wolf & Company provide essential support to our internal team both through monitoring of our systems and in helping us gather the right information from our MSP to complete these assessments.”

Patricia Basteri




Wolf’s vCISO services provided in-depth analysis, step-by-step guidance, and innovative solutions to ensure Stagedge was able to:

Build out a robust information security program and efficiently respond to security questionnaires from enterprise clients.

Mature and strengthen their security program for lasting success.

Enhance their security and IT strategies as they grow and provide more services to enterprise clients.