WOLF & CO Events & Webinars COVID-19: Lessons Learned & the “Illusion” of Preparedness

COVID-19: Lessons Learned & the “Illusion” of Preparedness

Date Presented

June 16, 2020


Tracy L. Hall


Organizations have been forced to push the envelope and be creative in the way they conduct operations during the COVID-19 crisis. Remote access, employee hardware requirements, and flexible work schedules have altered our expectation of “normal.” Companies needed to react swiftly to accommodate the situation as it quickly evolved and changed, requiring management teams to adjust response activities in real-time as the scenario unfolded.

Many organizations have enhanced preparedness to a new level. However, has the situation created an illusion of preparedness to traditional Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning? This session will explore the incredible strides made in recent weeks, and will discuss the potential false sense of readiness we shouldn’t be fooled by.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lessons learned in operational adjustments
  • Identify gaps in planning for the next pandemic
  • Elements of traditional BCP that didn’t factor in to this pandemic
  • Things we need to consider to “return to normal”