WOLF & CO Events DRJ Fall 2021

DRJ Fall 2021


September 19, 2021


Tracy L. Hall, MBCP

Senior Manager



Location: JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa, Phoenix, Arizona

Tracy Hall will be speaking on the topic Focusing on Current Trends: Avoiding Potential Impacts of a Disruption. 

The COVID-19 pandemic, changes to regulatory guidance, and client expectations of our resiliency ensures there will be increased scrutiny in the area of preparedness in the near future. It’s no doubt that organizations will be expected to provide more solid evidence of a strong program. The threat landscape that companies must protect themselves against continues to grow and expand in complexity—increasing demand for availability and ensuring that business can continue in the event of an unplanned interruption. This session will focus on areas of Business Continuity that are being analyzed more than ever and where organizations have fallen short during times of crisis, causing increased downtime that translates into unnecessary impacts to the organization.

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