WOLF & CO Events FMS Philadelphia Chapter: East Coast Regional

FMS Philadelphia Chapter: East Coast Regional


September 24 - September 26, 2023


William J. Nowik, CISA, CISSP, QSA, PCIP

Principal & Chief Information Security Officer


Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Will will be speaking on the topic of Rise of Human-Operated Ransomware on Tuesday, September 26 at 10 AM.

Capitalizing on the initial pandemic panic and widespread uncertainty, malicious actors ramped up their efforts to attack systems. Unfortunately, the shift to working from home negatively impacted employee behavior towards cybersecurity, and many employees let their guard down when navigating potential threats. Ransomware has plagued organizations for years, preying on weaknesses in security designs to steal data and compromise systems. According to BlackFog, ransomware attacks increased by 40% to 199.7 million cases globally in the third quarter of 2020, and the United States alone witnessed a 139% increase in these attacks. These incidents left institutions either scrambling to remediate breaches or generate new procedures to prevent them. During this presentation, we’ll discuss the latest trends in ransomware—looking at where it is now, where it’s going, and steps your employees can take to ensure their security while working remotely. From detection and prevention strategies to effective response procedures, we’ll detail what you can do to secure your systems before attacks happen, and what you need to do during an attack to contain and mitigate damage.

Learning Objective:

  • How to detect ransomware attacks before they happen
  • How to contain and respond to an attack if malicious actors infiltrate your systems
  • How to enhance your cybersecurity protocols to ensure secure remote working
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