WOLF & CO Events Greater Boston Chapter of ACP – Quarterly Meeting

Greater Boston Chapter of ACP – Quarterly Meeting


June 7, 2022, 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Ryan J. Rodrigue,CISA, CISSP




Location: Boston University – Colloquium Room #8, St. Mary’s St, 9th Floor, Boston, MA

Ryan will be speaking on the topic of Business Continuity and Third-Parties: Managing business resilience in an increasingly decentralized world

Almost every organization is increasingly relying on vendors, service providers, SaaS and cloud solutions, and other third-parties to execute their operational strategies.  Accordingly, the focus of your business continuity plans must shift toward third-party management.  How can you be sure that the continuity and DR capabilities of your third-parties align with your own organization’s requirements?  Do you and your third-parties have a mutual understanding of each other’s requirements and capabilities, let alone a cohesive plan to respond to incidents?

In this presentation, you will hear about:

  • Defining the nature of the continuity and DR impacts that third-parties can have on you
  • Identifying and measuring business requirements related to the availability of a third-party’s product or service
  • Best practices for third-party due diligence and monitoring programs
  • Reports, certifications, and standards to utilize within your third-party management program
  • Strategies for dealing with smaller or less-mature service providers
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