WOLF & CO Events New Jersey Bankers Association: FinTech Forum

New Jersey Bankers Association: FinTech Forum


April 26, 2023


Meredith F. Piotti, CPA, CIA



Location: The Park Avenue Club, Florham, New Jersey

Merry will be speaking on a panel on the topic of Fintech and Bank Alliances: The Future is Here. 

For years, fintechs and banks have maintained a strict pattern of competition—battling for similar audiences and clients. But things are changing. Financial institutions and fintechs have begun to realize the advantages of partnerships, leading to groundbreaking transactions and revolutionary innovations. During this session, we’ll discuss the benefits of fintech-bank partnerships, strategies for successfully entering into these relationships, and how banks can implement fintech. You’ll also get an inside look at what banks are looking for in potential fintech partners, and how fintechs can become more attractive to banks.

You’ll learn:

  • How fintechs can increase their chance for bank investment
  • Recent trends and companies pioneering this movement
  • Specific ways fintechs and financial institutions can complement each other
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