WOLF & CO Events Texas Bankers Association: Cyber Tech Conference

Texas Bankers Association: Cyber Tech Conference


February 15 - February 17, 2023


Tracy L. Hall, MBCP, CHPCP

Senior Manager



Location: Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa, San Antonio, Texas

Tracy will be speaking on the topic of Crisis Management- Bridging the Gap Between Business Continuity and Incident Response Planning.

Although Business Continuity and Incident Response Planning are two separate animals, there are parallels to the two that should be understood so organizations can strategically align these initiatives. Responding to events should be done in a consistent manner and should be enterprise driven and not siloed from one area of the business that is affected. This approach considers all potential impacts to the organization and creates transparency in the response effort. Since cyber security breaches can cause business interruptions and business interruptions can increase the risk of a cyber attack, these plans must be able to work hand in hand while clearly defining roles and responsibilities specific to their individual objectives. Consistency in response efforts requires an overarching governance structure that understands the separate goals of these crucial programs while ensuring that both have the resiliency of the organization as a whole in mind.

This session will focus on:

  • The differences and similarities between BCP and IRP
  • The need for an overall Crisis Management response structure that precedes both
  • The importance of training and awareness across the entire organization


Look for us in the exhibit hall, where you will have the opportunity to speak with Wolf experts:

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