Vermont Bankers Association: Trustees and Directors Forum


November 3, 2022


Meredith F. Piotti, CPA, CIA




Location: Capital Plaza Hotel & Conference Center – Governors Ballroom, Montpelier, VT

Merry will be speaking on the topic of Model Risk Management in an Evolving World at 12:45 PM.

As technology continues to change the way we rely on and interpret data, developing a strong model risk management program becomes paramount to ensuring strategic decisions are made using reliable, accurate information. Many institutions are struggling as they try to harness the data they have to gain insights in customer’s behavior and leverage that information to gain a competitive advantage. The failure rate for big data projects is reported to be between 60-85%. Join Wolf & Company to find key steps to take to ensure your project is successful.
Attendees will leave the presentation with:

  • An understanding how to establish and the importance of a strong model risk management program in the evolving world of model, data analytics and machine learning/Artificial Intelligence.
  • Key things to consider in their Model Risk Management Policy and overall Risk Appetite Statements
  • Oversight requirements to ensure controls are in place to address model risk
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