WOLF & CO Events Webinar: NAFCU Managing Climate Change Risk Within the ERM Program

Webinar: NAFCU Managing Climate Change Risk Within the ERM Program


August 23, 2022


Randy Marsicano, NCRM, CRISC

Senior Manager


Location: Webinar

Randy will be speaking on the topic of Managing Climate Change Risk Within the ERM Program. 

Climate change is a global threat to every person and every organization. Consumers and regulators alike are focusing in this area, and Credit Unions must understand the top threats to their business and how to keep themselves safe. To identify and reduce the risk of these new threats, credit unions need a methodology to evaluate an enterprise-wide risk assessment for present threats and vulnerabilities. During this session, we’ll detail how to identify these risks and locate opportunities for mitigation. From creation to adoption, we’ll discuss what you should do first to get these initiatives running and how to delegate responsibility to team members for proper organization. We’ll also show how you can present these findings to your board, leadership team, employees, and members to ensure proper procedural implementation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what the expectations are from both a member and regulator perspective
  • Understand the specific types of climate threats and how to determine how they may they apply to your Credit Union
  • What can you do now to get a climate risk management program started (or enhanced) at your Credit Union


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