WOLF & CO Events Wolf & Company: Financial Services Leadership Series Annual Summit – Day 2

Wolf & Company: Financial Services Leadership Series Annual Summit – Day 2


November 12, 2021, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Session 1: Fintech Panel

Vasillos Roussos, FinTech Accelerator MD
DCU Fintech Innovation Center

Kelly Fryer, Executive Director
Fintech SandBox

David Herrick, Executive Director, US & Chief Program Officer

Session 2: Core Processing

Aaron Silva, President & CEO
Paladin fs


Session 1: Fostering Foundational Fintech

Fintech has been taking the world by storm, and will continue to inspire innovation across the financial services industry for years to come. But for some institutions, becoming involved with fintechs (and more importantly, the right fintech) can be difficult.

Composed of organizations dedicated to supporting local fintech ecosystems—and fintech companies dedicated to supporting the financial services industry—our panel will showcase the critical role these organizations have in this environment, and how these programs ultimately benefit financial institutions. You’ll be able to ask panelists questions surrounding the most pressing trends in the industry, and even and gain insight on recent fintech developments that could benefit your institution.

You’ll learn:

  • How to work with accelerators to gain access to startup fintechs that provide products or services that could enhance your initiatives
  • Ways to become involved in fintech accelerator programs
  • How fintechs can contribute to substantial growth

Session 2: Improving Legacy Core Processing Deals in the Age of Fintech

For years, core processing contract negotiations have centered on cost reduction. However, the current fintech evolution has spurred the need to rethink legacy core contracts far beyond pricing. Integration rights, data accessibility rules and third party technology implementation carve-outs must be detailed in new deals alongside cost reduction. In this session, we will detail strategies banks are using to re-align their legacy core contracts with the needs of fintech partnerships. Our industry expert will also provide an agnostic, non-bias “state of the industry” overview so attendees can understand which fintechs are best positioned for partnerships

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