Smart Contract Audits


Smart contracts are critical to the integrity and security of blockchain applications and platforms. Proper functionality and security are paramount, and that’s where Wolf & Company comes in. Wolf’s cross-functional experts are not only skilled in smart contract auditing, but can also provide cybersecurity and risk management advice and recommendations for the application environment. Our professionals can assist with smart contract scoping and reviews, including evaluations of documentation surrounding build and code compiling, prior testing, update processes, and repositories – GitHub or otherwise. Our audits also include automated testing with industry-grade tools, line-by-line manual code review using the Smart Contract Security Verification Standard (SCVS), and vulnerability reports. We believe in communication and collaboration, which means we provide daily status reports as well as presentations to directors and key stakeholders as needed.

Our audit methodology allows us to remain at the forefront of open smart contract code vulnerabilities exploitation and understand real-world risks affecting blockchain technology every day. Wolf can provide recommendations suited to the rapidly changing blockchain threat environment.