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Keeping your business safe and secure doesn’t stop with technical solutions. Employees themselves are one of the biggest security risks, and that’s what makes social engineering testing and training so important. Wolf’s social engineering testing is designed to emulate real attacks targeting your employees, as well as challenges to your physical infrastructure.

Wolf’s testing includes several different exercises, which may be performed individually or in tandem as needed to suit your security goals. Common forms of testing include phishing attacks and vishing attacks, both of which spoof trusted interactions with employees to maneuver them into releasing sensitive information or downloading files that could assist an attacker in breaching your security. Our subsequent analysis goes beyond just assessing click rates – we look at who is reporting security concerns and whether employees understand your business’s controls. We also utilize on-site visits aimed at testing your physical security. This includes methods like badge cloning, employee tailgating, identity spoofing, and other physical entryway bypass techniques.

This testing is meant to identify opportunities to enhance security awareness training and improve employee response capabilities by collecting metrics like response rates, security reports, and security failures. We prioritize providing real, actionable advice based on your test results.

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