Technical, cost-effective risk management experts are in short supply and difficult to recruit and retain. Based on prominent trends and technological advancements seen across industries, our suite of virtual consulting services (vSuite) will provide a valuable extension to management teams to help organizations fulfill their unique risk management initiatives.

Tracy L. Hall


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(413) 726-6884

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business disruptions can have significant financial, operational, and reputational consequences. Our business continuity experts offer tailored solutions to mitigate risk and increase resilience in the wake of an unplanned interruption. From business continuity plan creation to tabletop testing, we’ll provide actionable strategies to ensure your business is protected from threats on the horizon. Leveraging unique expertise, our team will provide customized approaches with proven methodology to address every stage of your business continuity lifecycle.

Business Continuity Planning

Derek J. Morris


[email protected]

(617) 423-6560

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

A comprehensive information security program is critical to the safety, reputation, and stability of organizations. Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and targeting organizations of all sizes and industries. Our virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) provide in-depth analyses of your controls, step-by-step guidance, and innovative solutions to address your organization’s unique needs and security challenges. Ensuring proper allocation of resources, we’ll help your organization create and implement the necessary procedures to meet regulatory obligations, secure your IT infrastructure, and defend against cybersecurity threats.

Virtual CISO

Cynthia R. Boehmer


[email protected]

(617) 933-3340

Virtual Chief Privacy Officer (vCPO)

Ad hoc privacy solutions can lead to increased regulatory scrutiny, reputation damage, and business risk. Our privacy expert will join your leadership team to provide a strategic perspective on your particular data security and privacy requirements. Through extensive evaluation and collaboration, we’ll measure the current status of your program, define the desired state, and develop strategies to implement a privacy framework to ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and properly respond to consumers exercising rights under applicable law. Our Professionals will align your privacy and information technology (IT) controls to protect your customer’s personal information.

Randy Marsicano


[email protected]

(617) 428-5447

Virtual Chief Risk Officer (vCRO)

A holistic approach to risk management is needed to keep your organization safe, but building an effective program requires specific skills and knowledge that can be expensive to recruit and retain. Our virtual Chief Risk Officers (vCROs) provide comprehensive guidance and customized solutions regardless of your enterprise risk management program maturity. A dedicated professional will work diligently to support your organization across all three lines of defense—from conducting risk assessments and building risk management policies, to developing and maintaining risk appetite statements and reviewing key risk indicators (KRIs) against industry benchmarks, to board and management training and guidance. By aligning your risk management initiatives with your strategic objectives, we’ll ensure your organization is prepared to meet your goals safely.

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