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Implementation Pointers for the New RESPA and TILA Servicing Rules

September 13, 2017 @ 2:00pm

As a majority of the new servicing rules for RESPA and TILA become effective this October, there will now be more clarity around loss mitigation procedures and what is required when a borrower is in default due to bankruptcy. There is recognition that this experience is challenging for both the Institution and the Borrower and the goal of these requirements is to be more prescriptive and to decrease what could be open to interpretation.

In this webinar we will review each of the nine areas and highlight what you need to be doing to be successful in a very detailed implementation process.

In addition to the Q&A session at the end, we will specifically answer:

  • How does this effect my organization?
  • Does my institution qualify as a Small Servicer?
  • Are there any exemptions for Small Servicers?
  • What changes to do I need to make?

Mary-Ann Boaz, CRCM - Regulatory Compliance Supervisor
Cynthia Boehmer, JD - WolfPAC Compliance Supervisor

Who should attend?

  • Compliance Officers
  • Lending Operations personnel
  • Retail Operations personnel
  • Internal Auditors
  • Risk Officers

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