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Our Experience

The growing number of natural and manmade incidents in recent years has required emergency response and recovery procedures to be activated in various organizations. Additionally, there has been increased scrutiny by examiners across regulated industries. Their findings have highlighted significant inadequacies in businesses’ continuity planning and non-compliance with recently released regulatory guidance.

It is no longer enough to just have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) on file. Customers, prospects and regulators are all demanding greater management involvement in the Business Continuity program. This requires ongoing plan maintenance and increased employee awareness. In addition, organizations must exercise more dynamic testing of their BCP, and demonstrate organization-wide involvement in the planning process.

Our Approach

At Wolf & Company, we understand the current market trends and regulatory guidelines and partner with you to ensure your organization is up to date on the evolving BCP requirements. We design our engagements to support your organization while minimizing the demands on your operations. Our risk management professionals work with the resources within your organization to solidify and maintain a sound Business Continuity program. 

Achieving and maintaining security and compliance is an ongoing task, and Wolf is here to help you every step along the way. Through working with our team, you will gain an understanding of Business Continuity Planning and the importance of maintaining your organization’s program. At Wolf we utilize e-newsletters, webinars and in-person roundtable events throughout the year to help address the latest plan requirements. This strategy means we’re always there to help you guard against new threats and protect your organization from any business interruption.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services include:

  • Plan audit & assessment
  • Business impact analysis (BIA)
  • Business continuity plan development
  • Business continuity plan maintenance
  • Simulation tabletop exercises
  • Pandemic planning
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery testing assistance