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Our Experience

Wolf & Company has a long history of working with financial institutions and their regulators, servicing hundreds across the nation, from early-stage to multi-billion dollar super-regional institutions. We have unparalleled experience and understanding of the risks in the finance industry, the regulatory requirements set forth by the FFIEC and its agencies, and industry best practices. Learn more about who we serve.

Our Approach

Our procedures are designed to help improve your operations related to all aspects of data security, while also specifically addressing all regulatory requirements. Our professionals will keep you ahead of the latest regulatory and IT security trends.

The audit process begins with the development of a customized, risk-based audit plan for your specific needs. The procedures cover a range of objectives, including IT general controls, application-level security controls, network infrastructure security, business continuity, vendor management, model validations, and various cybersecurity services to give you a comprehensive assessment of your environment.


  • Independent IT Audit
  • BSA System Validation
  • Model Validations
  • Risk Assessments