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Our Experience

Managing cybersecurity has become infinitely more complex as new technologies, regulations, and threats continuously challenge organizations and force them to respond. Many companies do not understand the complexities of an enterprise information security strategy or lack the necessary staff to support the organization’s security needs. Whatever industry vertical you fall in, the need for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to provide the overall strategic security direction and remediation strategy has never been greater. Wolf & Company, P.C.’s Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCISO) Advisory Services can be the bridge that helps you meet your regulatory and contractual obligations, while improving your overall security posture.

Our Approach

Wolf’s vCISO advisory practice will perform a Current State Assessment (CSA) to understand your business, provide you practical ways to assess risk within your technology environment, and help ensure you are meeting regulatory standards and industry best practices. Wolf’s vCISO advisors help you get a clearer picture of where your security resources should be used.

The vCISO is a senior level executive that becomes part of your management team. They establish and maintain the enterprise’s security vision, strategy, and programs. Whether you are an organization that has resource constraints, need an interim solution, or a company that needs help with coordinating multiple compliance audits, we can develop a tailored approach that meets your needs. Through our vCISO service strategy and customized recommendations, we help you better manage and protect your electronic information to avoid regulatory violations and help mitigate the changing security threat landscape.

vCISO Services Include: