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At Wolf & Company we know that all of our success is not possible without the best people. If you have been to our About the Firm section, you know that we take the responsibility of providing unparalleled guidance seriously. We can't provide the best guidance without providing an extensive training and development program.

Learning & Development

At Wolf, we know that people are happier when offered a variety of challenging opportunities to learn and grow. To support that, we have designed a comprehensive training program that supports you from your first day at Wolf and continues throughout your career. We provide courses through both in-house and third-party training providers.

With over 50 hours of continuing education provided for each employee every year, you will have a variety of topics and learning methods to choose from. Topics include:

  • Structured leadership and management development programs
  • Technical audit, accounting, tax, IT assurance, and regulatory compliance training
  • Business, interpersonal, and managerial courses

Additionally, your development is enhanced throughout the year by on-the-job training with colleagues who are industry experts and ongoing personal development coaching through our mentoring program.

There is also an opportunity for graduate school tuition subsidies if you chose to attend while working at Wolf.

Career Progression

We understand that it's in everyone's best interest to keep our employees challenged and learning no matter where they are in their career. To do this we incorporate:

  • Development Advising and Mentoring — Individuals gain critical insights about their performance and growth potential by working closely with a dedicated advisor.
  • Individual Development Plans — Everyone at Wolf has a development plan; a goal setting and communication tool used to align your personal goals and foster your career advancement.
  • Rewards and Recognition — Our incentive programs recognize and reward exceptional performance.

Performance Management

Feedback is essential to any good performance and development program. As life-long learners, we understand and accept that it's not just about getting feedback from the levels above, but management being accountable to feedback from the levels below. At Wolf we have systems in place to gauge whether performance of all employees is on target and to identify development gaps that need attention.

We do this with:

  • Periodic self-assessments
  • Management feedback
  • Formal mentoring sessions with advisors
  • Upward feedback to management