COVID-19 Response Assessment


The current pandemic has pushed many organizations to their limits—presenting never-before-seen challenges that put business resiliency to the test. With examiners starting to analyze your company’s response to these unprecedented events, you need a reliable source to measure, assess, and document your crisis management strategies throughout the pandemic. Wolf & Company’s COVID-19 Response Assessment provides a holistic visual representation of your preparedness and response, and gives examiners confidence that your organization’s actions supported the financial needs of its customers, members, and the community.

We’ll meet with you virtually to conduct a preliminary pandemic response assessment to evaluate your current crisis management posture and assess your preparedness for the future. Covering credit, compliance, financial, market, personnel, operations, reputation, security, technology, and more, Wolf provides an enterprise-wide look at how you’re measuring and rating your responses. Our experts will identify, document, and gauge your organization’s COVID-19 crisis response against leading industry standards, and identify any necessary changes to internal processes for future planning. The evaluation process following this pandemic has many companies scrambling to assess their environments—but with Wolf, you’ll get the expertise you need to guide you through this effort.


  • Assess risk factors and the impact to your control environment
  • Evaluate operational capabilities, policies, and procedures
  • Identify, document, and manage gaps in your preparedness
  • Monitor and track your ongoing response to remain compliant with regulations
  • Prepare a visual representation of your full COVID-19 response for examiners
  • Review your organization’s readiness to respond to the pandemic

Tracy L. Hall

Senior Manager

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(413) 726-6884