FieldGuide: Client Support Documentation

We recently announced that Wolf’s Advisory Group will be utilizing FieldGuide as our new audit software. This innovative platform is designed to streamline our audit process, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy throughout our engagements.

Below, we have provided a series of training videos, support documents, and frequently asked questions to assist you in utilizing this new software.

Client Training Videos

  • Navigation: This video demonstrates a general overview of how to navigate the various pages within FieldGuide. To watch the full video, click here.
  • Profile & Navigation Settings: This video explains how to change settings in your profile, including email preferences, notification preferences, and enabling multi-factor authentication. To watch the full video, click here.
  • Accessing Requests: This video explains how to access and utilize the “Requests” page, view requests assigned to you, upload documentation to a request, leave comments, and change the request status. To watch the full video, click here.
  • Addressing Comments: This video explains how to view comments that you have been tagged in, respond to comments, and mark them as read. To watch the full video, click here.
  • Fulfilling Requests: This video explains how to view your assigned requests, upload documentation to fulfill the request, as well as the different request statuses. To watch the full video, click here.
  • Inviting Users & Re-assigning Requests: This video explains “Client Admin” abilities in the system, including viewing all requests, assigning requests, and inviting other organization users to the engagement. To watch the full video, click here.
  • Seeking Assistance: This video explains how to utilize the Support Chat, Support Email, and Knowledgebase. To watch the full video, click here.

FieldGuide Landing Page Overview

This document shows how FieldGuide will look upon login and where to view the engagements assigned to you:

FieldGuide Engagement Requests Page Overview

This document shows how the “Requests” page will look and identifies the various filters and buttons available on this page:

FieldGuide Individual Requests Page Overview

This document shows how an “Individual Request” page looks, how to upload documentation, change the request status, and leave comments on a particular request:

FieldGuide General FAQs

  • Password Controls & Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Password Controls:
      • Minimum length: 8 characters
      • Complexity: Required
      • Expiration: 90 Days
      • Timeout: 30 minutes of inactivity
      • There is no lockout or password history configuration at this time
    • Multi-Factor Authentication:
      • Enabled on a per-user basis under the user’s Profile
      • Users can turn on multi-factor authentication themselves or have an admin enable it for them.
  • Accounts & User Roles
    • Log-in Options:
      • You sign in with your registered email address and password.
      • Multi-factor authentication can be enforced at the user or company level.
    • User Provisioning:
      • Both Wolf administrators and Client Administrators (Client Admins) have the ability to provision users within your engagement.
    • Client Account Access Levels:
      • Client Admin: Can add and remove client users, see all requests, assign requests to other users.
      • Client User: Basic system access to view and upload documentation to requests assigned to them.
    • Private Requests:
      • Wolf is able to designate any request as “Private” where only the request owner and Wolf can view the request and information uploaded.
  • Request Item Statuses
    •  Each request item in the list will have a “status,” which will be indicated by the color coding on the left-hand side:
      • Open (Blue): Waiting for client documentation upload
      • Under Review by firm (Yellow): Documentation submitted, pending Wolf review
      • Changes Requested (Red): Wolf reviewed, additional information requested to fulfill request.
      • Complete (Green): Request fulfilled
  • Request Items Filtering
    • Request Items can be filtered by a number of different areas including:
      • Status
      • Title
      • Description
      • Due Date
      • Request Owner
      • Tags
  • Uploading Requests
    • Upload requested items by opening the request item you wish to add information to and either drag the file into the designated space or hit the “Upload Files” button.
  • Downloading a Copy of the Request List
    • Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of your screen
    • Select “Export CSV”
  • Assigning Requests to Members of Your Organization
    • Client Admins can assign request items to other users by updating the “Request Owners” field. Requests can have multiple owners.
  • Adding a Comment to a Request Item
    • Click the request that you would like to add the comment to
    • On the left-hand side click the “Comments Tab”
    • Type your comment in the box and hit “Send”
    • If you’d like to comment and notify someone by email, use the “@” sign and their name within the comment.
  • File Upload Troubleshooting
  • FieldGuide Email Notification Troubleshooting
    • Notification emails on status of your engagement(s) and request items assigned to you are known to go to spam, please ensure you add the “” domain to your Safe Senders list.
  • Browser Requirements
    • None – FieldGuide works in all browsers.