Wolf & Company Now Accepting Crypto Payments Via BitPay

Wolf & Company is thrilled to announce that we’re accepting cryptocurrency as payment for our services via BitPay. As a firm that embraces digital innovation, our team is already working on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency services. By partnering with BitPay to accept crypto payments, we’re truly embracing crypto and its growing role in the economy.

Wolf offers expertise in numerous services to those in the cryptocurrency space. Whether you need help with audit, tax, compliance, cybersecurity, or smart contracts, our professionals have you covered. Where other firms see risk in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape, Wolf sees increasing opportunity.

Find a full list of our crypto and blockchain services here.

About BitPay

Founded in 2011, BitPay seized on the potential for Bitcoin early on, and has since made cryptocurrency transactions a reality for many businesses. BitPay currently processes approximately 70,000 cryptocurrency transactions per month, and approximately 26% of cryptocurrency payments in April 2022 were processed using BitPay. Wolf & Company is excited to be joining the list of businesses working alongside BitPay to accept cryptocurrency payments.

About Wolf & Company, P.C.

Wolf & Company P.C. is a national CPA and business consulting firm with a regional feel. With over 110 years of service, our mission is unparalleled guidance for our clients. We offer a personal, hands-on approach, and tailor our services to each client’s unique needs. At Wolf & Company, you’ll never get lost in the shuffle, and there’s always an expert on-hand to help.