Table of Contents: Breaking Down ‘Big Ideas 2023’

When it comes to innovation and impact on the financial systems markets, those in the know say to “follow the money.” And nobody knows how to follow the money like Cathie Wood and her team at ARK Invest.

Cathie Wood and her team have established themselves as the vanguard of market-moving innovation for almost a decade. Here, we will present a series focusing on the impacts on the financial system and technology market from the concepts involved in her annual Big Ideas 2023 presentation.

Our aim is to analyze and communicate the biggest movements in innovative technology, and what to expect on the most significant topics upcoming this year on the following:


Technological Convergence

Five major innovative technologies are converging, poised to disrupt many significant markets in this technology-driven era: public blockchains, artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, and multiomic sequencing.



Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI aims to improve productivity and cut costs for training and development of knowledge workers in the digital age.


Digital Consumers

In the now post-pandemic era, consumers have placed priority on the digitization of leisure, looking to remain connected and informed for a more stream-lined digital-only experience.


Digital Wallets

40% of the global population is now utilizing digital wallets. Consumers want quicker, easier access to mobile payments, and have adopted digital banking and consumerism without the use of traditional finance mechanisms such as checking accounts, credit, and debit cards.


Public Blockchains

Broader use of public blockchains, coupled with a “third wave” revolution on digital payments is creating a disruption to the traditional monetary, financial, and e-commerce markets.



Bitcoin was founded on three significant value propositions: decentralization, auditability, and transparency of transactions. The network will develop greater autonomy from the traditional finance market as commerce continues to globalize, and Bitcoin gains greater utility and reach to those without access to traditional banking institutions.


Smart Contract Networks

Decentralizing custodial financial services, transactions, and contracts will become a cornerstone to stronger, more efficient financial markets. Self-executing smart contracts create a sustainable and automated alternative to our current methodologies.

Stay tuned as we address each of these subjects and update this page accordingly.