WOLF & CO Case Studies Creative Staffing & Responsiveness Gets the Audit Done

Creative Staffing & Responsiveness Gets the Audit Done

Problem Recognition

Well into busy season, a venture-backed company could not get a call back from its large, international auditor. There had been no communication related to the planning process, let alone field work. Wolf & Company received a call from a venture capitalist on the company’s board of directors who had a strong relationship with a partner at Wolf, fostered by many interactions over many years. The venture capitalist understood how we serviced our clients, and felt we would be a strong partner in meeting the requirements of investors, the board, and the founders.


The partner at Wolf immediately began working with fellow partners and senior management to evaluate where the auditing staff could be allocated to accommodate the new client’s deadline. As our staff is cross trained in specific and specialized industries, we were able to pull from resources working in other niche areas that had already slowed down in their audit season. These individuals had the relevant training and experience to get the work done on time without sacrificing quality.


Due to direct partner involvement, local decision making, and a culture known for responsiveness, Wolf was able to provide the client with an audit opinion by the deadline and enabled them to satisfy their investor requirements. We have now been serving this client for several years and continue to have a strong working relationship.