WOLF & CO Case Studies Growth for a Local Company Doesnt Mean an Increase in Their Interest Rates

Growth for a Local Company Doesnt Mean an Increase in Their Interest Rates

The Client

Since its humble beginnings, this Boston-based middle market food producer has become a multi-million dollar enterprise. Growth compelled the company to seek financing for its expanding fleet, with the food producer picking up six new vehicles in one year alone.


Over the years, the company sought credit on numerous occasions, and worked with the same bank through thick and thin. But in its loyalty to the bank and focus on operations, the food producer was unknowingly paying above market interest rates on its collateralized debt. With a multi-year history of growth and profitability, the rates did not reflect the market.


During a financial statement review, Wolf & Company professionals identified unusually high borrowing rates and encouraged the company to look further into the matter. Based on Wolf’s experience working with many similar sized companies with similar credit profiles—including revenue, capital, growth, debt service history—Wolf alerted the client to the situation and even tested the waters on their behalf. Wolf provided its client with references, with the expectation that savings of about 3% across the fleet could be achieved. When provided with this new information, the client approached its financial institution which responded by indeed matching the anticipated 3% drop in interest rates, resulting in substantial savings over the debt service period. Working with Wolf gave the company the leverage it needed to keep the same bank, which was hugely important to them, and also obtain better rates.


Wolf helped this client strengthen its finances and cut its borrowing cost. This is one example of the substantial value that Wolf provides to clients. Serving as an independent accounting firm providing necessary assurance and tax services required by investors, creditors, and lenders, Wolf is a proven trusted advisor and consultant, sharing knowledge gained through decades of experience working with firms across various industries. Wolf seeks to cultivate ongoing relationships with clients that reach far beyond an annual audit and review, advising throughout the year with a hands-on approach that frequently results in business gained from client references. In addition, every employee shares this desire to provide top-notch service, and going above and beyond is part of the firm culture.