Fiverity: Collaboration in the Fight Against Fraud; Regulatory & Tech Developments


July 28, 2022, 11:00 am


Ryan J. Rodrigue, CISA, CISSP


Greg Woolf 

Founder & CEO, Fiverity

Lisa Zeimetz, CRCM, CERP

SVP Risk & Compliance, First National Bank & Trust



Location: Virtual

Ryan, Greg, and Lisa will be speaking on the topic of Collaboration in the Fight Against Fraud; Regulatory & Tech Developments. 

The pandemic-era rise in financial crime is pushing banks and regulators to consider new approaches to fighting fraud – including threat intel sharing across the industry. Although legal and logistical issues limited collaboration in the past, government initiatives and tech developments are bringing security, scale and heightened interest to information sharing.

This webinar provides a deep dive on the latest regulatory expectations and tech developments for information sharing – from the winners of the FDIC / FinCEN tech sprint on digital identity verification.

You’ll learn about:

  • Root causes behind the pandemic-era surge in fraud.
  • Initiatives from the OCC, NCUA and other regulators to counter the rise of digital fraud.
  • The Federal Reserve’s push for interbank collaboration.
  • Anti-fraud strategies recognized in the FDIC / FinCEN digital identity tech sprint.
  • The role of Confidential Computing in protecting sensitive data.
  • The game-changing potential of collaboration in the fight against fraud.
  • Public / private partnerships leading the way to widespread collaboration.
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