WOLF & CO Events Wolf & Company’s – Future of Banking Strategy Symposium Virtual Roundtable

Wolf & Company’s – Future of Banking Strategy Symposium Virtual Roundtable


June 23, 2021, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Marco Bernasconi, President – North Brookfield Savings Bank

Matt Burke, Co-President – Cape Cod Five

J. Jeffrey Sullivan, President & CEO – New Valley Trust Bank

Jay Tuli, President – Leader Bank

Alan Lloyd, Principal – Wolf & Company, P.C. 




Location: Zoom

Based on the rapidly changing financial landscape (including lasting impacts from COVID-19), the development and deployment of advanced technology, and increasing pressure from new competitors, it’s essential for community financial institutions to understand their core competencies and establish a strategy that ensures success.

During our Banking Strategy Symposium, experts will gather to discuss the most pressing issues impacting financial services today. Guided by a panel of industry leaders and executives, we’ll dive into current opportunities for enhanced growth and ways to prepare for potential threats on the horizon. Bankers and attendees will also share their real-time challenges and showcase how they’re navigating these obstacles. Through informative discussions and engaging presentations, you’ll learn methods to leverage technology to improve customer relationships and better align your organization’s strategic initiatives.

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