WOLF & CO News Wolf & Company: Our Approach to Reopening

Wolf & Company: Our Approach to Reopening

As all states are devising plans to reopen the economy and create a path to returning to a more traditional work environment, Wolf has been thoughtfully considering what the next steps will be in an effort to make that happen.  Keeping the safety of our employees and clients in mind while considering the guidance of health leaders and mandates of state and local governments has been paramount to all decisions during this time of transition.

Our Offices

Since March, our staff has been successfully working in a remote fashion to continue all business and support of our clients. While we have implemented a number of safety protocols within our offices, they will generally remain closed for the majority of our staff with the exception of specific circumstances. We desire to and are capable of supporting the state’s and local government’s request to allow employees to work from home and reduce unnecessary traffic. We continue to monitor the situation and have developed a first phase to slowly reopen the offices as necessary.

On Site Fieldwork

As areas of the country continue with reopening plans, we are ready to support our staff visiting your offices when requested.  While we have had a great deal of success performing much of our work remotely, there may be situations where on site fieldwork is required. If this is the case, rest assured that our professionals will follow all safety protocols including wearing masks, reporting illnesses, using hand sanitizers, and practicing social distance.  Our employees will be made aware of all state guidelines for the locations of field work visits.  For the initial phase of our reopen strategy, we have developed a client survey that will assist in determining risks related to travel to your locations that will also be used as a guide in attempting to accommodate any additional requests you may have to protect both your and our employees.

We are closely following the situation as it evolves and will make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the safety of our staff and clients continues to be our highest priority.

Our COVID19 Resource Page

We continue to monitor relevant information specific to business requirements, regulatory guidelines, and necessary or suggested changes in operational practices and the impacts they may have on organizations.  Please continue to visit our COVID 19 Resource page for up to date information.


May 29, 2020