WOLF & CO News Wolf & Company, P.C. Joins the Accounting Blockchain Coalition

Wolf & Company, P.C. Joins the Accounting Blockchain Coalition

Wolf’s membership will assist the company in expanding services to clients in the booming crypto industry

We are excited to announce that it we have joined the Accounting Blockchain Coalition, an alliance dedicated to educating businesses and organizations on accounting matters relevant to digital assets and distributed ledger technology, including blockchain.

As a member of the ABC, Wolf will collaborate with industry leaders to evolve into the leading, objective, industry resource and community for organizations involved with blockchains in accounting. ABC will also provide educational information and materials to the broader accounting industry on changes and updates to information regarding digital assets and distributed ledger technology. As a member, Wolf & Company provides ABC with a unique combination of accounting, tax, IT assurance, and regulatory compliance expertise, and also has deep-seated blockchain-related knowledge.

“We’re thrilled to be joining the ABC after having watched its significant growth and progress since its inception. The ABC will help Wolf keep up with the rapidly changing blockchain landscape, especially with respect to accounting and tax issues,” said Scott Goodwin, Principal at Wolf & Company. “We also believe that, as one of the leading blockchain associations, the ABC allows us to contribute our blockchain-related insight and expertise to the ABC’s growing body of guidance, thought leadership, and resources.”

ABC will bring together a cross-sector, cross industry, member-driven knowledge-base and work real time on issues impacting the accounting industry regarding digital assets and distributed ledger technology. To do this, the ABC has created an infrastructure, including four working groups, that will allow for collaboration and publication of best practices