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WOLF & CO DenSecure Offers Real-World Defense, Preparation




DenSecure Offers Real-World Defense, Preparation

When it comes to the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape, you can never be too prepared. That’s why Wolf & Company’s DenSecure offers a variety of services to ensure your defenses are up to snuff. DenSecure can position you for success against a variety of attacks, employing services tailored to your unique cybersecurity needs.

We offer:

  • Advanced Security Assessments – This is a comprehensive attack testing your network and infrastructure on a large scale, emulating real, relevant tactics at full force.
  • Application Penetration Testing – Applications are one of the most vulnerable public-facing routes an attacker can take. We offer mobile application and web application penetration testing.
  • Network Penetration Testing – This is a live measure of your security defenses’ effectiveness. We offer cloud services, external network, internal network, and wireless network penetration testing.
  • Social Engineering – Prepare your employees and infrastructure for social engineering attacks like phishing, vishing, and badge cloning.
  • Threat Emulation – If you’re concerned about a specific type of attack, threat emulation allows us to investigate how you’d hold up against documented tactics within your area of concern.

Get in touch with the DenSecure team and learn more about how we can help you prepare your defenses.

Michael E. Kanarellis

Principal & Director of Business Development