Introducing the DenSecure Blog

Welcome to the new DenSecure blog! DenSecure is the new branding for our team of penetration testers and offensive cybersecurity experts. We’re still a part of Wolf & Company, P.C., but have decided to brand these services with an additional name and logo (which look great if you ask me) to showcase the ever-increasing capabilities of this team.


Who We Are

The DenSecure team is Wolf & Company’s group of offensive security experts. Check out our team bios to learn more.


What We Do

Network Penetration Testing
& Application Penetration Testing

We can perform several types of penetration testing to ensure your networks, cloud deployments, and applications are secured. You can read more about our approach on the Network Penetration Testing and Application Penetration Testing pages. These tests are designed to maximize value by finding multiple attack paths and providing detailed guidance on how an attack may look, as well as what steps to take to mitigate those risks.

Threat Emulation

When performing a threat emulation exercise, we’re testing your environment based on the known attack steps used by attackers. This could be ransomware groups operating in your industry, or an adversary known for targeting companies like yours. The goal of these projects is to identify and validate your layers of detective and preventive controls. You can read more on our Threat Emulation page.

Social Engineering

Year after year we see industry reports highlighting the prevalence of social engineering attacks as the most common way attackers are breaching your perimeter. Our experts can perform these tests as one-off projects, or in conjunction with network testing to present a more “real-world” attack scenario. You can read more about our process on the Social Engineering page.

Advanced Security Assessments

Have you read through all the other projects and feel like you’ve already got a handle on your environment? Are you ready to put your systems and your staff through a real-world test? Our Advanced Security Assessments put all the individual pieces of the tests outlined above into one attack where you’ll be able to actively respond to confirm that your tools and your teams can function under pressure.

What’s to Come

Here we’ll be exploring topics of interest to the DenSecure team. There may be posts related to current events in the cybersecurity world one week, and a breakdown of some of our favorite tools the next.

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