WOLF & CO Insights Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Transformation Roadmap

How It Works

Digital Transformation is an enterprise-wide process that looks different for every company. Wolf & Company’s roadmap is designed to provide guidance whether you are just starting on your journey or trying to make improvements on past initiatives.

The roadmap is divided into four stages and four work streams. The four stages within the diagram provide guidance on how to mature your activities:

Stage 1: Create programs and analyze current state

Stage 2: Evaluating solutions for improvement

Stage 3: Implement new initiatives

Stage 4: Monitor and automate

The activities performed in the top row work stream provide support to work streams below them.

For example, the “Create Innovation Framework” activity under the Transformation Program work stream would include designing a new product/partnership risk assessment. This assessment would then be used in the “Analyze Potential Partnerships” activity under the Customer Channel work stream, and the “Evaluate New Products & Technology” activity under the Products, Processes, and Technology work stream below.

Digital Transformation Roadmap