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Meet the Best Advisors

Focused on the specific needs of our diverse clients, our multi-disciplinary teams, comprised of top advisors, prosper from the experience of our tenured professionals. Our leaders deliver unparalleled guidance to professional and industry organizations throughout the Northeast, New York and New Jersey.

Find the best advisors and consultants for your accounting, tax or risk management needs by selecting a team member’s profile below.


Scott C. Baranowski, CIA

Ryan P. Brunell, CPA, MST

Hillary Burr, CPA, MST, CAP

Martin M. Caine, CPA

Michael D. Cohn, CPA, CISA, CGEIT

John J. Doherty, CPA, CGMA

Gary J. Emond, Jr., CPA, MST

Matthew P. Foley, CPA, MST

Charles J. Frago, CPA

Cecilia M. Frerotte, CPA

Gerald R. Gagne, CPA, CISA

Scott M. Goodwin, CPA

Ryan M. Gorman, CPA

Derek M. Graves, CPA

Michael E. Kanarellis, HITRUST CCSFP

Stephen R. King, JD, AMLP

Gary S. Lafond, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

John J. Leonard, CPA, MBA

James T. McGough, CPA, CGMA

Daniel F. Morrill, CPA


Mark A. O'Connell, CPA

Meredith F. Piotti, CPA, CIA

Matthew J. Putvinski, CPA, CISA, CISSP

Ryan J. Rodrigue, CISA, CISSP

Michael J. Rowe, CPA

Piro D. Sassa, CPA

Michael C. Stravin, CPA, MST

Michael J. Tetrault, CPA, MST

Denise M. Toomey, CPA

Erica M. Torres, CRCM

Carol E. Tully, CPA, JD, AEP

Matthew C. Vaughn, CPA


Michaela E. Bellefeuille, CPA

Andrew D. Billeter, CPA

Cynthia R. Boehmer, JD

Deana A. Calderon, EA

Carol J. Capone, CIA

Manuel A. Centeio, RHCT

Kelley A. Chartier, CPA

Randall B. Clark

Richard C. Fay, CPA

Puja P. Ghiya, MBA, CSM

Tracy L. Hall, MBCP

Alexander T. Hintlian, CISA, CCSFP

Nicholas A. Jesi, CISA

Harry A. Kalajian, Jr., CPA, MST

Jared R. Kelly, CPA, MBA

Jason Kulak, CPA, MSA

David A. Larocque, CAMS

Alan D. Lloyd, CPA

Randy Marsicano, CISA, CRISC

Thomas J. Mulligan

Brian M. Shea, CRCM, CAMS

Kristin L. Stone, CPA, MST

Leann M. Tousignant, CPA, MBA

Kandra M. Tranghese, CPA